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Healthy Active Arkansas What does a Healthy Active Arkansas look like?
Obesity Initiative - Overview Obesity is a national epidemic with serious health and economic implications. Nearly 70% of Arkansas adults and 38% of children are overweight or obese. Because problems with weight often begin in childhood, ACHI has committed significant efforts to define and plan solutions to combat the obesity epidemic plaguing Arkansas’s youth.
Statewide Body Mass Index Data Collection System and Reporting Following recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Institute of Medicine and the American Medical Society, ACHI created and implemented the BMI screening process for all Arkansas public school children, as mandated in Arkansas Act 1220 of 2003. Annual BMI assessment reports are developed at the school, district and statewide level.
Statewide Learning Network Healthy Active Arkansas - Statewide Learning Network
Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Many of the most serious illnesses faced by Arkansans are related to tobacco use. Reducing use of tobacco has been a continuing theme in ACHI’s portfolio of work.

Projects - Past

Adult Immunization Program Preventing disease by increasing needed adult immunizations is a project the Arkansas Department of Health has undertaken with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ACHI is collaborating with ADH and several other pertinent organizations to achieve higher rates of adult immunization coverage in Arkansas.
Child Wellness Intervention Project CWIP used proven methods to increase time spent in physical activity by providing quality physical education programs. The Arkansas CWIP grants provided eligible schools with the SPARK physical education curriculum and equipment, Fitnessgram software, curriculum, and all teacher trainings. Schools that received grant funds committed to making policy changes that would allow an increase in the number of required physical education/activity minutes per week from 60 minutes to 120 minutes for all children.
Clean Air Acts As a result of legislation passed in 2006, Arkansans across the state are protected from the harmful affects of second-hand smoke in public places.
Coordinated School Health ACHI staff has developed a strong partnership with the Arkansas Coordinated School Health program. This includes providing an ongoing evaluation of implemented activities to help identify those with the greatest impact on student health, test scores, behavior and attendance.
Employer Perspective on Tobacco Use and Cessation Programs ACHI staff have worked with the Arkansas Department of Health to analyze the issue of tobacco use and health insurance coverage for tobacco cessation programs from an employer perspective.
Governor Mike Beebe's 2009 Health Care Initiative On February 17, 2009, Governor Mike Beebe signed Act 180 for comprehensive health care, increasing the tax on tobacco products and providing funding for major health priorities.
Joint Use Agreement Grant Program The Joint Use Agreement grant program awards funds to schools to help them adopt and implement policies and form collaborative partnerships with local community resources to maximize opportunities for physical activity through expanded use of recreational facilities.
Motorcycle Helmet Laws After Arkansas's universal helmet law was repealed, emergency medical service providers noted that motorcycle fatalities increased by 21%. These same medical providers also recorded a significant increase in head injuries and in the average medical treatment costs per accident.
Oral Health in Arkansas Oral health is a vital aspect of the overall health of Arkansans. Although preventable, tooth decay is a chronic disease affecting all age groups. In fact, it is the most common chronic disease of childhood.
Primary Seat Belt Law ACHI advocated for many years to strengthen Arkansas’s seat belt laws. Before July 2009, state law required use of restraints by drivers and front seat passengers, but this was not a primary offense. ACHI contributed to the legislative dialogue and educated lawmakers about the financial costs, injury and death that were caused by not using safety belts.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity Launched and operated under ACHI’s leadership in partnership with PolicyLink (Oakland, CA) from January 2009 through November 2011, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity (RWJF Center) was part of a multi-faceted initiative undertaken nationally by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015.
Students for Healthy Communities, An EAST Initiative Created by ACHI in partnership with the EAST initiative, Students for Health Communities encourages creation of unique ideas for sustainable community changes for improving health.
Tobacco Excise Tax Increase ACHI and the Step-Up Coalition members facilitated and contributed to dialogue in the 87th Arkansas General Assembly about the critical issue of tobacco cessation. The resulting passage of Act 180 of 2009 implemented a significant tobacco tax increase
Tobacco Settlement Commission ACHI has provided technical assistance to the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission (ATSC), which was established as part of the Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act of 2000 to provide oversight and assess performance of the programs funded through the act.
Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act As part of the national Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) with major U.S. tobacco companies, in November 1999 Arkansas accepted approximately $62 million per year for 25 years in exchange for an agreement that Arkansas would not sue the tobacco companies for negative health impact or past health care costs caused by tobacco use. With the possibility that MSA funds could be directed to non-health needs, ACHI's Health Policy Board commissioned a white paper on the effects of tobacco in the state.
Vehicular Safety Traffic crashes take an enormous toll on Arkansas's economy and more importantly on the health and lives of Arkansans. ACHI and its Health Policy Board have long-held positions to support policies and strengthen state laws that can reduce preventable injuries and death among motorcycle and other vehicle drivers and passengers.

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