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Governor Mike Beebe's 2009 Health Care Initiative On February 17, 2009, Governor Mike Beebe signed Act 180 for comprehensive health care, increasing the tax on tobacco products and providing funding for major health priorities.
Graduated Driver’s Licenses Thanks to the efforts of ACHI and many injury prevention advocates, the states laws restricting teen drivers were strengthened in 2009 to provide further protection to teen drivers.
Motorcycle Helmet Laws After Arkansas's universal helmet law was repealed, emergency medical service providers noted that motorcycle fatalities increased by 21%. These same medical providers also recorded a significant increase in head injuries and in the average medical treatment costs per accident.
Primary Seat Belt Law ACHI advocated for many years to strengthen Arkansas’s seat belt laws. Before July 2009, state law required use of restraints by drivers and front seat passengers, but this was not a primary offense. ACHI contributed to the legislative dialogue and educated lawmakers about the financial costs, injury and death that were caused by not using safety belts.
Vehicular Safety Traffic crashes take an enormous toll on Arkansas's economy and more importantly on the health and lives of Arkansans. ACHI and its Health Policy Board have long-held positions to support policies and strengthen state laws that can reduce preventable injuries and death among motorcycle and other vehicle drivers and passengers.

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