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Arkansas Health Care Workforce: Guide for Policy Action

As the state embarks upon new workforce development strategies, it is crucial that policy decisions are driven by thorough analyses of available literature and empirical information. Developed by ACHI and funded by the Blue & You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas, this report provides a unique, multi-dimensional look at how and where health care is provided in Arkansas.  It portrays for the first time a comprehensive picture of the statewide and county-level availability and accessibility of primary care and specialty care providers.

This work resulted in the unique integration of the following study components:

  • Micro-simulation model of primary care workforce supply and demand
  • Specialty physician supply analysis
  • Drive-time analysis for primary and primary care
  • Physician payer-mix analysis
  • Office capacity and primary care physician surveys
  • Consumer focus groups

Together these components and the report’s findings serve as a guide to policymakers by providing a more precise profile of Arkansas’s health care workforce capacity and consumer access needs now and for the future.

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