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Statewide Learning Network Healthy Active Arkansas - Statewide Learning Network
Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Many of the most serious illnesses faced by Arkansans are related to tobacco use. Reducing use of tobacco has been a continuing theme in ACHI’s portfolio of work.

Projects - Past

Clean Air Acts As a result of legislation passed in 2006, Arkansans across the state are protected from the harmful affects of second-hand smoke in public places.
Employer Perspective on Tobacco Use and Cessation Programs ACHI staff have worked with the Arkansas Department of Health to analyze the issue of tobacco use and health insurance coverage for tobacco cessation programs from an employer perspective.
Governor Mike Beebe's 2009 Health Care Initiative On February 17, 2009, Governor Mike Beebe signed Act 180 for comprehensive health care, increasing the tax on tobacco products and providing funding for major health priorities.
Tobacco Excise Tax Increase ACHI and the Step-Up Coalition members facilitated and contributed to dialogue in the 87th Arkansas General Assembly about the critical issue of tobacco cessation. The resulting passage of Act 180 of 2009 implemented a significant tobacco tax increase
Tobacco Settlement Commission ACHI has provided technical assistance to the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission (ATSC), which was established as part of the Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act of 2000 to provide oversight and assess performance of the programs funded through the act.
Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act As part of the national Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) with major U.S. tobacco companies, in November 1999 Arkansas accepted approximately $62 million per year for 25 years in exchange for an agreement that Arkansas would not sue the tobacco companies for negative health impact or past health care costs caused by tobacco use. With the possibility that MSA funds could be directed to non-health needs, ACHI's Health Policy Board commissioned a white paper on the effects of tobacco in the state.

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