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Projects - Current

Arkansas All-Payer Claims Database The Health Insurance Rate Review Division of the Arkansas Insurance Department awarded ACHI the contract to establish an APCD for the state. Once fully functional this large-scale database will support health insurance rate review and increase transparency in health care quality and pricing.
Arkansas Health Care Workforce Strategic Plan: A Roadmap to Change A major activity associated with the Arkansas Health System Improvement Initiative is strategically planning for a health workforce to meet current and future needs of Arkansans.
Arkansas Health Care Workforce: Guide for Policy Action Developed by ACHI and funded by the Blue & You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas, this report provides a unique, multi-dimensional look at how and where health care is provided in Arkansas.
Arkansas Health Data Initiative Our transformation of data into information for decision-making is a central component of ACHI’s health policy and program development.
Arkansas Health Data Initiative Advisory Committee The Health Data Initiative (HDI) Advisory Committee advises ACHI’s Director and the Health Data Initiative Director on using the HDI to advance the health of Arkansans.
Arkansas Health System Improvement Directed by Governor MIke Beebe and led by ACHI Director and Arkansas Surgeon General, Dr. Joe Thompson, the Arkansas Health System Improvement Initiative is a collaborative project with four primary focus areas that has led to the development of innovative solutions for improving health and health care in our state.
Health Care Independence Program 1115 Waiver Evaluation The federal section 1115 demonstration waiver that Arkansas received to implement the Health Care Independence Program (Private Option) requires that an evaluation be conducted to determine the impact of this new coverage strategy.
Statewide Body Mass Index Data Collection System and Reporting Following recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Institute of Medicine and the American Medical Society, ACHI created and implemented the BMI screening process for all Arkansas public school children, as mandated in Arkansas Act 1220 of 2003. Annual BMI assessment reports are developed at the school, district and statewide level.

Projects - Past

Adult Immunization Program Preventing disease by increasing needed adult immunizations is a project the Arkansas Department of Health has undertaken with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ACHI is collaborating with ADH and several other pertinent organizations to achieve higher rates of adult immunization coverage in Arkansas.
Arkansas State and Public School Employee Health and Life Insurance Plan (EBD) ACHI has designed and completed multiple analytic projects that the Employee Benefits Division of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration has used in consideration of its health plan designs and management.
Health Information Security & Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) The Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International, in conjunction with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the National Governor's Association awarded Arkansas a year-long contract to explore strategies to improve electronic health information exchange while ensuring privacy and security.
Webinar-Arkansas Health Care Needs Questionnaire: Primer on Implementation This webinar was conducted March 19, 2014 by ACHI with the AR Medicaid Office and Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), discussing the design, use and results of a questionnaire used to determine those enrollees in the Arkansas Health Care Independence Program (Private Option) with exceptional health needs that will be better served by traditional Medicaid.

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