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ACHI Features

  • Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative (AHCPII) Statewide Tracking Report The 3rd Annual Statewide Tracking Report has been released. View a one-page summary, the full report, and past reports on the Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative (AHCPII) Statewide Tracking Report overview page. Other resources, such as related websites and success stories, are also available.
  • Healthy Hospital Environments: UAMS Cafeteria Enhancements Hospitals across the country are taking steps to reduce sugary drink consumption and improve the food environments within their facilities. Learn more about how the UAMS cafeteria has worked to provide more healthy choices and to model health-promoting behaviors for patients, staff, and members of the community in our new case study.
  • A Brief Overview of ACHI The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI) was established in 1998, creating a much needed clearinghouse for the intersection between healthcare research and policy. As the state’s primary health policy center, ACHI has become a trusted advisor and catalyst for change.
  • Pharmacy Plan Management Fact Sheet This is the fourth installment of the Pharmacy Cost Trends and System Impacts fact sheet series. Pharmacy plan management has the potential to improve health outcomes while limiting cost increases for health plans and consumers. This fact sheet includes information about pharmacy plan management strategies and potential policy issues associated with these strategies. Previous fact sheets in this series have explored pharmaceutical cost trends, the role of drug supply and pharmacy payments, and specialty drugs.
  • ACA AHCA Premium Tax Credit Comparison Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) premium tax credits to purchase healthcare coverage are based on income, but under the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) premium tax credits are based on age. How will that change insurance affordability in the individual market in Arkansas?
  • CPC+ Fact Sheet Arkansas is one of 14 states/regions selected through a competitive process to participate in Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), a five-year, multi-payer initiative that incentivizes higher quality care and supports care management. This initiative was launched by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is supported by Arkansas’s largest public and private payers.

ACHI Contact Information

1401 W Capitol Avenue
Suite 300, Victory Building
Little Rock, AR 72201

Telephone: (501) 526-2244
Fax: (501) 526-2252

ACHI was envisioned as an organization dedicated to change—change that leads to improved health for all Arkansans. While we have made positive strides in changing Arkansas’s health environment, our work is far from finished.

ACHI’s activities are centered in three Areas of Focus that influence the health of Arkansans—population health policy, access to quality care, and health care system transformation—with supporting infrastructure of health data and research.

Through development of policy positions and statements, the ACHI Health Policy Board helps establish strategic priorities that provide guidance for our work. More information on the Health Policy Board and their policy positions and statements is available here.

Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
1401 West Capitol
Suite 300 (Victory Building)
Little Rock, AR 72201