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The Importance of School-Based Health Centers in Arkansas

The video link in this article, published by the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading on their website at, is a great story about the successful impact of the school-based health center in Lavaca, AR. This includes over 2,000 fewer student absences since the center opened along with a 20 percent decrease in faculty absences.

For many students, chronic illnesses like asthma and diabetes, and lack of access to health care and dental care, keep them out of school for long periods of time, putting our kids at risk of falling behind their peers in learning and reading. In 2013, one out of ten Arkansas kindergarten and first grade students were chronically absent and missed nearly 18 days of school.

We must change this! School-based health centers treat children with acute health and behavioral conditions, while also screening for dental, vision and hearing issues. Check out this video to learn about the Lavaca Wellness Center, a school-based health center in rural Arkansas that is making a huge difference for its students and teachers.• Currently, Arkansas has 25 school-based health centers throughout the state. Click here to locate a school-based health center in your area!• Is your community ready to start a school-based health center? Check out the Arkansas School Based Health Center initiative to learn about competitive grants to available to public schools who want to start their own local center.

Stay tuned for more announcements on how to improve and encourage attendance in your community, just in time for when school starts in August!

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