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Navigating the Landscape of Health Care Map (2005–2015)

The United States health care system faces an uncertain future as costs increase, insurance coverage erodes, and providers fragment. This system, which represents the best available health care in the world yet fails to ensure fiscal access to over 45 million Americans, is constantly changing and increasingly complicated. Thus, any assessment of its elements, challenges and potential solutions requires concurrent consideration of multiple dimensions in a complex matrix of interrelationships.

ACHI created Navigating the Health Care Landscape as a conceptual map covering the time frame 2005–2015 to engage diverse stakeholders in discussions about what changes are necessary to create a positive transformation in our health care system. The use of scenario planning incorporated in Navigating the Health Care Landscape was designed to stimulate dialogue, fresh ideas and constructive debate.

The map is specifically designed to highlight the risks and opportunities that were anticipated as influencing the future health care system in the U.S. Navigating the Health Care Landscape was not meant to be all encompassing nor to predict the future. Rather, the purpose of the map was to highlight large-scale forces as seen from different perspectives that may push the future of the nation’s health care system in different directions.

Navigating the Health Care Landscape was a collaborative effort of ACHI, the Arkansas Health Insurance Expansion Initiative Roundtable, and other stakeholders, including representatives from the business, economic, health care, consumer, and governmental sectors.


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Conceptual Map

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