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ACHI staff is engaged in ongoing work with large self-insured employers in Arkansas providing health insurance directly to their employees.  As a leading state employer supporting the Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative (APII), Walmart is working with ACHI in an effort to make the goals of the APII more attainable and achievable.  Walmart and Arkansas officials believe that the program recognizes a shared vision that the APII may serve as a reform model for other states that benefits all U.S. health care consumers.

To support the ongoing work, Sally Welborn, SVP of Global Benefits at Walmart, serves as Co-Chair of the APII Employer Advisory Council along with the President of the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, Randy Zook, and the Surgeon General for the State of Arkansas, Dr. Joe Thompson.

Goals of the advisory council include recruiting additional self-insured companies to participate in the APII to enhance influence on health system transformation and ensuring that self-insured payer perspectives are reflected in the development and deployment of the APII.

Like other self-insured companies, Walmart plays a unique role in the U.S. health care system--that of both financing and shaping the delivery system.  Walmart believes the public and private sectors need to work together to find solutions that will improve health, enhance patient access to quality care, and control growth in health care costs. The company has demonstrated an on-going committment to engage with key stakeholders to help reduce health care costs for all Americans.


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