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Governor’s Roundtable on Health Care

The Governor's Roundtable on Health Care was established in December 2007 and facilitated by ACHI. The group built upon successful efforts undertaken by Arkansas leaders to address comprehensive health care reform in Arkansas through the State Coverage Initiative and the Arkansas Health Insurance Expansion Initiative Roundtable.

A diverse group of individuals, representing a full spectrum of perspectives, comprised the Roundtable members. This group held meetings that were open to the public to seek input on a variety of issues pertaining to health care in Arkansas.

Mission:  To improve Arkansans’ health and productivity through study of data and evidence, optimal program development, facilitation of community support, and empowerment and engagement of individuals, families, and employers across the state.


  • Explore and guide new strategies currently available to address health care needs of Arkansans.
  • Develop viable solutions to be considered during the 2009 legislative session for improving access to quality health care for Arkansans.
  • Position Arkansas to take advantage of opportunities at the federal level, including a place in the national debate, by achieving consensus on how to improve access to quality health care.

Strategy:  Two groups were established and worked hand-in-glove to evaluate new strategies and achieve political consensus to support future authorization and/or funding.  These groups were the Governor’s Implementation Group, consisting of governmental executives and legislative leaders, and the Governor’s Roundtable on Health Care (described here).

The worked culminated in a Recommendations Report that was released in March 2009.

This work was funded by the State Coverage Initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


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