Arkansas Center for Health Improvement

Informing Health Policy

Since its inception in 1998, the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement has become widely recognized as a reliable source for local and national health and health industry information. This includes providing critical data, analyses and strategies that inform decisions and help shape public policy surrounding the health and productivity of Arkansans. 

Below is a list of current resources developed to inform legislative and other policy dialogue.


The following resources have been made available as part of this project page. Resources are typically files like PDFs or Word documents, and will be downloaded when you click them.

Issue Briefs, Fact Sheets and Reports
» 1332 Waiver Fact Sheet (PDF)
» All-Payer Claims Database Fact Sheet (PDF)
» Community Health Workers (PDF)
» Exploring the Potential of Telemedicine in Arkansas (PDF)
» Health Care Transparency in Arkansas (PDF)
» Health Independence Accounts (PDF)
» Optimizing Health Care Coverage for Arkansas's Criminal Justice Population (PDF)
» Patient Centered Medical Home Fact Sheet (PDF)
» Safety Net Clinics (PDF)
» State Approaches to Scope of Practice - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (PDF)
» State Approaches to Scope of Practice - Pharmacist Provider Designation and Payment (PDF)
» Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative State Tracking Report Year 1 (PDF)
» Health Care Coverage Enrollment Fact Sheet (April 2015) (PDF)
» Policy Options for Regulating Electronic Cigarettes (PDF)
» Future of Arkansas's State-Based Health Insurance Marketplace (PDF)
» Health Care Independence Program and Budget Neutrality (PDF)
» Health Care Independence Program-Premium and Cost-Sharing Reduction Breakdown (PDF)
» Federal Medical Assistance Percentages and Arkansas Medicaid (PDF)
» Healthcare Transparency Initiative (PDF)
» Premium Assistance and Arkansas Medicaid (PDF)
» Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace in Transition (PDF)
» Mental Health Parity in Arkansas (PDF)
» Medicaid Eligibility Redetermination (PDF)
» Medicaid Managed Care: Model Variations and Arkansas Applications (PDF)
» Prevention of Opioid Pain Reliever Misuse in Arkansas (PDF)
» Patient Centered Medical Homes: Shared Savings Update (PDF)
» Hospital Case Study: Impact of Expanded Healthcare Coverage (PDF)
» Optimizing Healthcare Coverage for Arkansas's Homeless Population (PDF)
» Healthy Behavior Incentives: Private Insurance (PDF)
» Healthy Behavior Incentives: Medicaid (PDF)
» Teen Pregnancy (PDF)

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