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State Coverage Institute—Governor’s Implementation Group

A team of key government executives and legislative leaders was selected to form what later became known as the Governor's Implementation Group. This team attended the September 2007 State Coverage Institute, an initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The goal of the State Coverage Initiative was to provide support to states seriously undertaking health care reform initiatives. Through the institute, state officials were able to gain a deeper understanding of the implications of different programmatic decisions and how those could impact the existing system. Teams from participating states were brought together to work with one another around development and design of reform concepts.

This continuation of efforts to create and implement a long-term strategic health care plan for Arkansas resulted in the creation of two groups to evaluate new strategies and achieve political consensus to support future authorization and/or funding. These groups were the Governor's Implementation Group (described here) and the Governor’s Roundtable on Health Care (see Resources below), consisting of non-governmental community decision-makers representing health, health care, business and consumers.

The Governor's Implementation Group met periodically and conducted activities including:

  • Identifying and undertaking opportunities to implement improvements that did not require legislative or other action, including those that required cross agency collaboration or coordination
  • Performing strategic review of reports and recommendations made by the Governor's Roundtable on Health Care
  • Preparing and delivering periodic progress reports to the Governor


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