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70th Anniversary of Fluoridated Drinking Water

Article Date: 11/9/2015

Studies comparing communities with and without proper water fluoridation have consistently shown lower rates of cavities in communities with fluoridated water. This includes a 2002 study done in Morrilton and Perry County Arkansas public schools.The study found that Kindergarten students in Perry County where water was not fluoridated had twice as many cavities as did Kindergarteners in Morrilton where community water was fluoridated.

Arkansas has been making progress in providing citizens with the health benefits of fluoridated drinking water. In 2006 only 64.7 percent of the Arkansas population lived in areas where community drinking water contained adequate levels of fluoride.  Legislation was passed by the Arkansas General Assembly in 2011 requiring municipalities with 5,000 or more citizens to maintain fluoride content in drinking water as established by the Arkansas Department of Health.

The Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation helped make this happen by committing funds for start-up costs for fluoridation equipment through grants to municipalities working to implement the mandate.

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