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Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Arkansas’s health needs so that we can support statewide health policy initiatives through policy research that utilizes a unique, integrated data system built and maintained by ACHI.


ACHI’s transformation of data into an evidence base for policy decision making is a central component of our health policy and program development. The Arkansas Health Data Initiative (HDI) is a comprehensive system that integrates data sets from a variety of state and national sources providing a unique ability to synthesize key pieces of information previously held separately. Research using these data informs a comprehensive understanding of health and identifies optimal opportunities for the continued improvement of our public systems. The systematic integration of information from across disparate sources provides peripheral vision to programs typically operating in silos and amplifies the ability of each partner involved to identify common resources and potential new partnerships. This unique capacity also allows Arkansas to recruit state-of-the-art researchers to work with us to find answers to pressing health concerns.

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