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ACHI Biennial Report

ACHI was formed in 1998 as a nonpartisan, innovative solution to the health crisis faced by Arkansas. Data show that Arkansans consistently fall well below national health standards—they often lack health insurance and access to quality health care and face racial and socioeconomic health disparities. Many adults and children also have unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors that significantly contribute to the crisis.

ACHI believes that Arkansans’ poor health status will not improve until root causes are addressed and health policies and initiatives that allow our citizens to alter behaviors and that measurably improve health are established statewide. Working with public- and private-sector partners, ACHI is a catalyst for improving the health of Arkansans through evidence-based research, public issue advocacy, and collaborative program development.

ACHI Biennial Report

Click here to access the ACHI Biennial Report for 2016/2017

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